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This is a one stop solution for all the essential scientific formulae at your fingertips.

formula max


Gives you 1150+ formulas, definitions and value in Physics, Chemistry and Maths making it convinent for all students in high school or university

Features of FormulaMAX

In addition to the theoretical part of the app, FormulaMAX features components that make it more user friendly and convinent.



Even with the huge database FormulaMAX works offline with a fast loading time


Want to share a formula with your friend? Just email the individual formula page from within the app

Trigonometric calculator

It will instantly calculate any number entered and tell you sin, cos, tan, cosec, sec and cot values


With 1150+ formulas to go through we have added a extremely robust search feature


Save topics, individual pages or search results to favourites for even easier access

Logarithmic calculator

Just enter a number, it will calculate instantly giving you the value, eliminating the need for a scientific calculator

370 formulas


The formulas have been organized into 16 Topics.

Algebra, Analytical Geometry, Complex Numbers, Differential Calculus, Differential Equations, Discrete Mathematics, Geometry, Integral Calculus, Matrices, Mensuration, Modern Algebra, Set Language, Statistics, Time Series, Trigonometry, and Vector Algebra.

492 formulas


The formulas are classified under 17 Topics.

Atomic Physics, Dynamics of Rotational Motion, Electricity, Electromagnetic induction and Alternating Current, Electronics, Gravitation & Space Science, Heat, Hydrostatics, Light, Magnetism, Measurement, Mechanics, Mechanics of Solids and Fluids (properties of matter), Nuclear Physics, Relativity, Planets of the Solar System, and Sound.

331 formulas


The listings are divided into 9 Topics. Atomic Structure, Chemical Bonding, Definitions of Chemistry Sub-Specialties, Common Names & Chemical Names, Definitions of Terms, Organic Chemistry, Periodic Classification, Physical Chemistry, and States of Matter.


We have the Periodic Table included!

FormulaMAX brings the periodic table of elements on your smartphone.

It offers the basic information of the elements.


The elements are sorted into catogories like Actinoids, Alkali Metals, Alkalin Earth Metals, Halogens,Lanthanoids, Metalloids, Noble Gases, other Non-Metals, Post Transition Metals and Transition Metals


Each element can also be selected individually and the app will instantly display the atomic weight, position, and every other pertinent detail concerning that element.It is a simple and easy user interface.


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