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Agent methods helps in creating websites and is also a marketing platform. It also takes care from company’s email campaigns to outbound marketing.

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Agent Methods

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Ongoing since 2017

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RoR, Ui/Ux

Project Brief

Agent methods have web application that provides a platform for insurance companies to create websites and for marketing. A very tedious and yet the most important part for any insurance company is the larger contents and a good website. It is done with ease in just 10 minutes using Agent Methods.


Customers should create an account using Agent methods, where there are built-in designs for them to select, customize and plan their design to create their own websites. All the designs are one of a kind and stands out from the generic websites.

To increase insurance sales, the email campaigns option is available to stay visible and relevant to the customers. Email marketing platform is also available which is loaded with pre-defined professional insurance marketing campaigns. Clients can also schedule their email campaigns once in every 3 months.

Not only it stops with Email marketing, Agent Methods also have outbound Marketing that provides marketing in social media and helps creating blogs . It also produces new business opportunities and referrals to identify great prospects that helps to increase insurance sales.

  1. 1Analysis
  2. 2UI/UX Development
  3. 3Website Development
  4. 4Backend development


Usually, email campaign requires lot of time and is one of the most important forms of marketing. Agent methods web app not only creates the campaigns but schedules it periodically which takes hardly 10 minutes for the overall process and supports both Mobile and the Web devices.

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