A Web-based process management application for the manufacturing industry that eases the day to day works of multiple departments from Sales to feedback managements in one place.

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Ongoing since 2015

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In a manufacturing industry, due to the involvement of multiple departments, the managing of orders from order inquiry to getting the feedback for the delivered product might require flawless communication in every stage of the products ordered. The web application which is developed for Apex Alliance ease the management of the process, reduce the turnaround time for any deviation from the expected timeline, improve the customer collaboration, and speed up the entire manufacturing and delivery process.


The web application developed for Apex have all the necessary features to support the process from Sales to Feedback management. Once the initial orders are saved in SAP, (a third-party application) they are imported to the Apex web application for further progressing.

The order will be tracked and approved after completing every stage of the order. It is tracked and updated by different departments. Each department needs to update the details relates to the current stage of the order and the entire process status is tracked by the team leaders and MD. The privilege for features is categorised and provided to the departments based on their roles in the process.

Order capturing from SAP - Initial Orders are entered in SAP and imported to Apex Web application through auto-sync at a regular frequency.

Monitoring progress/Milestone management - Alerts are sent to the concerned employees/customers for completion of every stage of production from initial planning to delivery of the product to the customer. The production is segregated to different phases and each phase will have certain tasks. Each task has the pre-set duration for the completion of the task. Need to update the status of the task daily and the percentage of completion is automatically calculated and shared across the teams and customers to communicate about the progress.

Inspection Management - The inspection templates are available for each category of the orders. The templates help the inspection team to verify and update the order quality and progress during production.

Feedback Management/Complaint Management - Once the product is delivered to the customer, then the feedback can be provided through Web App itself by the provision given to the customer login. Customer complaints are also managed to address, take action and communicate the issue quickly to the respective department and update the status to the customer.

  1. 1Analysis
  2. 2Android App Development
  3. 3Backend Development
  4. 4Third Party Integrations
  5. 5Testing
  6. 6Maintenance & Support


Apex application plays an useful role in the manufacturing industry works such as Sales, Finance, Shipment, Order Management, Quality Control and track the entire product status for every order received.

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