Continyou Care

ContinYou Care is a food order management and analytics tool helping health care staff to deliver exceptional service, allowing senior communities to live with dignity and ease.

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Continyou Care

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Ongoing since 2016

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RoR, iOS, Ui/Ux

Project Brief

Our mobile-first solutions are built for senior living communities to enhance every touchpoint from meal ordering to diet management by integrating our POS with resident profiles. It has decent UI, in which seniors can select their meals and have their orders processed in real-time using an iPad.


Our staff using iPads, retrieves resident dietary details and other information; takes the resident meal orders & sends directly to the kitchen.Order details are displayed in the kitchen monitor to prepare the meal which helps in delivering food on time. Captures the data for the reporting and analytics.

Add, edit and delete menu items with ease and provide your staff with the flexibility required to bring speed, accuracy and consistency to your dining services. Whether it be a special announcement, the menu for the day or daily activities- your staff can quickly update your digital signs with our user-friendly tools.

Our system is proven to reduce errors with software that ensures staff are always equipped with real-time dietary information on each resident. Using Continyou Care you can also tap into new revenue streams by easily incorporating additional services such as snack carts, spa services, gift shops and more.

  1. 1Consultation
  2. 2Analysis
  3. 3UI/UX Development
  4. 4Backend Development
  5. 5iOS App Development
  6. 6Front End Development
  7. 7Testing


Continyou care app helps in driving the business forward with intelligent data that provides insights for forecasting inventory levels using historical food consumption data, staff performance, resident satisfaction and more.

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