Gist is an all in one growth software which is also an effective customer communication and marketing automation platform which helps you grow your business and engage with your customers across their lifecycle.

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Ongoing since 2016

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RoR, Android, iOS, React.JS, Ui/Ux

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Gist covers almost all the major corners of a business to make it run successively in the competitive market with its phenomenal services like Customer Intelligence, Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, Event Tracking and Live Chat.


Gist email marketing is one of the best ways to identify the potential leads with which you will come to know about their interest and need.

With broadcasts, you can send right away or schedule one-off emails to notify subscribers about a new update or something to get attention. You can follow-up the non-openers by resending the previous broadcasts.

Drip Campaigns helps in setting up different emails to get your lead magnets into the funnel. Also you can frame specific goals for each campaign and find out how many have been completed.

With Behavioural emails , you can create a target segment with unique behaviour and cluster the customers based on their behaviour to send relevant emails that fits their individual interests to keep them engaged and retained.

Gist Event Tracking helps in tracking the activities of site visitors and leads in your website. It is very essential to identify and target them individually.

Automation rules, makes it simple by affording a predefined set of triggers and actions where you can set a customized rule for your business requirement. You can create suitable triggers and actions to understand the trends of your customer behavior.

Workflow is an extension of Automation rules which helps in visualizing the personalized journeys of every customer in just a few clicks. It decides and creates customer journey from where to start and where it should land. Also you can figure out at what stage the leads are positioned, slipping and goes inactive.

Meetings Sync Gist meetings with your Google calendar in a single touch. Customize and control your schedule with a number of powerful settings awarded like Meeting time, days and duration.

Knowledge Base A hands-on about your product - Customers can get right things about your product whenever they need. Create and edit support articles easily in minutes with the Inbuilt Content Editor.

You can connect with prospects anytime with Gist Messenger. And this helps identifying the most engaged people on your site, so that you can reach out to them and build relationship.

You can seek the attention of visitors and urge them to initiate a conversation with Gist Assistant. Gist Bot captures, qualifies and routes the prospect to the respective team or teammate without any human intervention.Also, you can Bbook more meetings 24/7 automatically and increase your sales conversions.

Contacts adds the people who completes the onboarding process into the contacts page. You can instantly search for a contact with any of their properties or added behaviour like Name, email, location and so on.

Gist forms act as attention seekers and urge the visitors to sign-up. Gist comes with six types of forms- Welcome mat, Bumper, Hello bar, Notification, Light box and Full page takeover.

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  6. 6Android App Development
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A business can be supported in all means by Gist, reducing the human intervention by automating and performing every action through softwares and programs. One of the best supporting tool that is single point for all the actions.

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