JBY is a custom made order and inventory management system for a reputed textile industry based in France.

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From 2016 to 2019

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PhP, Android

Project Brief

JBY app has efficient features to track down the orders, stock items, invoice generations and much more to provide best support to the textile businesses. It consists of both Android and Web application, designed for the business representatives to get orders from textile business/sellers and administrators to maintain/update the recent data of items, customers, manage inventory, maintain purchases, invoices and much more.


Using android app, users can select the customers for which the order is being taken. Once selecting the customer, list of items can be viewed and they can be added to in-app cart for order checkouts.

Re-Order - We have also implemented a re-order feature, in which the item details can be edited/updated again, so that another new order is created without losing much of the already ordered item details.

Negative Stocks - There can be some difficult situations in which the stocks can become empty. So to handle this, we have an option called Negative Stock, using which the users can take orders from customers even if the selected item’s inventory is empty. So the users can request admins to increase the stock once getting the orders.

FTP - We have an FTP feature, where the client can upload their files from their individual computer and then it will be decoded to save the details in the server. In this way, bulk data can be processed and saved in the server in less time, by uploading the files via FTP.

Offline Mode - The android mobile app also has the ability to work in Offline Mode, where the need of internet connectivity is kept aside. So the users can list items, take orders and re-orders without an active internet connectivity. As the order requests and confirmations are saved in offline, the app syncs the orders once it gains the internet connectivity again. This reduces the risk of users missing out order requests when they lack internet connectivity in mobile devices.

Adaptive Language Support - The app can be used in both English and French with adaptive support which works based on the user’s preferred android device language. It acts like if the user has device language as French, then the app will also be displayed in French. Whereas if the user’s device language is any other than French, then the app adopts itself to act in English.

  1. 1Consultation
  2. 2Analysis
  3. 3UI/UX Design
  4. 4Android App Development
  5. 5Backend Development
  6. 6Third Party Integrations
  7. 7Testing
  8. 8Maintenance & Support


JBY has made the complex textile management routines in a much easier way, as all the custom made requirements of the business were successfully met.

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