Knowledge is a learning tool that helps in improving our knowledge in the easiest possible way. Using the adaptive learning algorithm, knowledge ensures you are learning just by spending time on the app.

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Ongoing since 2016

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iOS, Ui/Ux

Project Brief

Having an app to attend quizzes is a very common thing in today’s technological advancement. Memory development apps are a different picture. But having both in one app is what Knowledge app is all about. With the series of questions increasing linearly by the complexity, the user will experience complete learning and also will find them registered in their minds in the long run.


The user, after downloading the app has to select the start option where the quiz begins. Each quiz has around 450 questions which will be repeated thrice in the process for the user to get familiar with it.

The user starts answering the questions one by one. If the choice is right, that option will be displayed in green colour. If the answer is wrong it will display that choice in red and simultaneously display the correct answer in green.

The user can pause a question, and come back to resume where they left even after days. There is an option track advancement in which there is an option called progress which is used to track the overall progress in percentage.

It also has separate progress in civics, general, geography, history and personalities to track the individual progress in these areas. The player can reset the progress ad start fresh from the beginning.

  1. 1Analysis
  2. 2UI/UX Design
  3. 3iOS App Development
  4. 4Testing
  5. 5Maintenance & Support


Knowledge app ensures that we acquire and increase knowledge and also our memory power by repeating the questions until it is registered in the minds.

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