Introducing Paris By Metro.

Travel app that helps you with the complicated Paris Metro

perfect guide for holidaying and business trips,

helps you find routes and stations

Euro currency convertor to ease your way



Leave your heavy guidebook and hard-to-read maps at the hotel. Paris By Metro will show you detailed maps for the Metro (subway), RER (train), and tram right on your Phone or Tablet.



Paris By Metro is an app specifically designed to help tourists and business people navigate through Paris metro.



Metro station details

Get detailed maps for the Metro (subway), RER (train), and tram right on your Phone or Tablet.

Save Time

Paris By Metro will show you the fastest and easiest routes between any two stations, helping you see more of your favorite sights.

Offline access

The map works offline, helping you to access the route at anytime you want. You don’t have to worry about roaming charges.

Travel tips

Find out important details to help you have a great trip, such as traveling to/from the airport, money saving transit passes, etc.

Currency convertor

Don’t have to worry about the currency exchange rates, the currency converter updates every 8 hours for the latest values.


Add stations you visit frequently (such as the station near your hotel) to your favourites list so you can quickly find it later.

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