Catalytic Reaction Guide

The Catalytic Reaction Guide is a realtime application created with an intent to provide access to catalyst recommendations on over 150 reactions in various types of catalysis.

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Catalytic Reaction Guide

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Ongoing since 2015

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RoR, Android, iOS, Ui/Ux

Project Brief

The Catalytic Reaction Guide is a vital tool for any chemist, researcher or student dealing with catalysis. Information on each reaction includes recommended catalysts, reaction temperature, solvents and relevant literature references .


CRG provides its user with a variety of over 150 catalytic reactions in the areas of homogeneous, heterogeneous and asymmetric catalysis. Adding to this, the app specifies a convenient Chemical abstracts Service (CAS) searchable product listing and relevant literature references as well as global contact information and office locations.

Once a catalyst is selected, product details are shown with the option to request technical information, request a quote or share on social media or through email. Save favorite products and reactions for easy access anywhere. Other than the mentioned, users can also surf through the products and can even opt for sample products through the Products and Services tab. The app includes features like ‘ask a chemist’ to help answer your technical questions and ‘request a quote’ to help speed up your buying process.

Custom Chemistry feature allows users to obtain solutions directly from the Chemists for unexplainable catalytic reactions. Also the "Buy a Sample" option can be used to get sample products to help the customer to check it, before buying them in a larger quantity.

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With the help of CRG, users can find solutions for all catalysis related data which will be constantly updated.

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