Controllex is a Wi-Fi remote device that sends signals to remotes of all your home appliances to help you control everything through your phone.

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Ongoing since 2015

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RoR, Android, iOS, Ui/Ux

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What if you could control your air conditioning system, lights, blinds, TV, radio, and other appliances in your home remotely through your smartphone, using a simple app? You’d never have to worry about your home being too hot when you get home from work because you could turn the air conditioning and fans on half an hour before you get there. That way you’ll feel relaxed and at ease from the moment you step into your home. More than a beautiful possibility, controlling your home remotely is now possible with ControlleX and its companion app for mobile devices. 


ControlleX is a small device that can send signals to all types of remotes in your home, including remotes for air conditioning, fans, lights, fountains, radio, TV, or garage doors, in order to help you control all of these through your phone. It stands out from other products because it works with all remote controls, not just smart appliances.

In everyday scenarios, Controllex is even more useful. Going beyond basic on/off triggers, it can help you set up very useful auto-triggers for your home. For example, you can set it up to automatically turn on air conditioning once the temperature in your room exceeds 23 degrees. For even more accuracy, you can also add a time trigger, such as 6 p.m., so that your A/C system will begin to cool your house before you actually get home from work. In this way, you can remotely create a perfect environment home throughout the day.

The connection between the Controllex app on your phone and your ControlleX device back home is made through the cloud. Taking advantage of the portability and convenience of cloud computing, the ControlleX cloud serves as a conduit for the signals your phone sends to your ControlleX device, processing them quickly and effectively. As soon as you press a command button, the Controllex app passes it on to the cloud over the Internet through your Wi-Fi or mobile data connection, which then sends it back to your home. If you use multiple ControlleX devices in different rooms, the same command can trigger the same response in all rooms.

Featuring an intuitive and user-friendly interface, the Controllex app is easy to install and to use. Through it you can take advantage of the full power of the Controllex device by turning your smartphone into a remote control with unlimited range – wherever you are, whether it’s on your way home from work or at the other end of the planet, with the Controllex app you can fully control your home.

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Controllex app can make your life better by allowing you to control essential conditions in your home, such as temperature, lighting, or sound. It saves you time and increases your comfort and convenience.

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