An ultimate conversion tool with more than 780 units to convert. It serves as a one stop conversion platform for scientific units and up-to-date currency conversion.

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Ongoing since 2014

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Android, iOS

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ConvertX has a great user friendly interface that makes the conversion process very simple. In addition the conversion part, it has many other useful features.


With Offline Access, users don’t have to worry about the data connection and its strength. All conversions can be done offline which makes access simple and quick. ConvertX has diverse categories using which, one can convert the values of categories from simple to complex. For example, say, from simple Length, Mass to complex Induction, Moment of Inertia.

Users can use the favorites option for saving the most needed and used categories. This will ease the process for quick navigation. ConvertX involves huge converting categories (say, 780+ units to convert). We have added an extremely robust search feature to get the conversion unit instantly and no need to look at all the units.

With the currency converter, convert any foreign currency from at finger-tip, any time with this app. Ranges from USD, Euro, Canadian Dollar to Indian Rupees, and Japanese Yen among many others. The in-built calculator can also be used to access an easy-to-use mathematical calculator. It is in-built for the convenience of the user.

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From conversions to mathematical calculations, ConvertX assists you in all day-to-day tasks which is very simple and robust.

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