FleetRover is a unique app designed for efficient real-time tracking and fleet monitoring with the ability to record each driver’s duty status automatically based on real-time data.

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Ongoing since April 2014

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RoR, Android, Ui/Ux

Project Brief

FleetRover consists of Android and Web applications, in which the mobile app is designed to track and monitor fleets in real-time. The mobile app tracks down the truck driving hours automatically from the truck’s ECM, whereas the fleet managers are provided with a Web App that helps in tracking their fleets efficiently. They can monitor their driver’s HoS (Hours of Service), pick-up and drop-off deliveries, and day to day works, that all fleets have to deal with.


When a truck moves, we calculate the speed events reported from an electronic device fitted to the truck. Then they are processed to change driver’s duty status respectively as per received speed values. With numerous logics integrated, the FleetRover mobile app tracks down the total utilized hours in Driving/OnDuty, OffDuty, Sleeping, and presents the data in an Electronic Log format to the drivers.

Using Fleetrover's electronic log, drivers can monitor their daily limits for Driving and rest assured with compliance, when an official begins a road-side inspection. We have implemented logics that will make fleet drivers shifts very easy, when moving from Canada to US, and vice versa. When drivers move to and fro in-between Canada and US, FleetRover switches the logics automatically(as per the respective country) and always shows the up-to-date info, to the drivers based on current HoS rules in the country(Canada/US).

  1. 1Analysis
  2. 2RoR Development
  3. 3Hardware Analysis and IOT Integration
  4. 4Front-End Development
  5. 5Testing
  6. 6Android Development
  7. 7Maintenance & Support


Empowering fleets and monitoring the drivers daily utilisation of working hours are made easy with Fleetrover app. Many of the complexities from traditional methodologies have been reduced with Fleetrover.

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