Lakshmi Vaults

Lakshmi Vaults app is developed with an ultimate objective to store, manage and share Customer's documents and password securely thereby securing customer's life.

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Lakshmi Vaults

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Project Duration

Ongoing since 2016

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RoR, Android, iOS, Ui/Ux

Project Brief

Lakshmi Vaults has been developed initially as an MVP, with an ultimate objective to keep its customer's life secured. It has a redefined mobile application and also an intensive locker facility for customers. We have also used Zoho CRM for the application.


Using the strongest Advanced Encryption Standard (AES 256) the documents are stored in the Lakshmi vaults app with more security and utmost user privacy is being maintained. You can also share the documents among the closed group or an individual with whom you wish. A shared document can be updated by anyone in the shared group and each update of the document will be notified to all the people in that group.

To make it more easy for the customers, Lakshmi vaults app offers predefined categories and documents where the customers can load their documents quicker and save more time than they do by other means. Customized document creation is more simple and it can be done with few clicks which saves a lot more valuable time of the customer.

Timely notifications in Lakshmi Vaults, act as a reminder to notify the customers for their renewals like License, Passport, and remind you for payment dues like insurance, credit card bills, and tuition fees. To avoid the hassle of document search for the customers, the Lakshmi Vaults app has a mighty search tool, that brings the document the customer wishes to access in an instant. Lakshmi Vaults app also do have its own version(very tiny) of Google search for its customer to access their document information.

  1. 1Consultation
  2. 2Analysis
  3. 3UI/UX Design
  4. 4Front End Development
  5. 5Android App Development
  6. 6iOS App Development
  7. 7Backend Development
  8. 8Website Development
  9. 9Third Party Integrations
  10. 10Testing
  11. 11Maintenance & Support


Lakshmi Vaults plays a major role in securing customer's private documents with all the needed encryptions. Customers can also book appointments to visit the facility to access their main locker service anytime and complimentary services like conference rooms, insurance advisory, legal advisory, vanity rooms, and transport services can also be accessed through the app.

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