Trygg helps in keeping the field staff and security managers constantly connected. This provides security and risk management solutions to staff in unstable or complex environments, worldwide.

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Ongoing since October 2017

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RoR, Android, iOS, Ui/Ux

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Trygg being an incident report system, empowers security managers to capture inputs from users when they encounter any abnormal situations like accidents or natural hazards. These mishaps are considered as "Incidents". When there is an incident reported, security managers with the help of the mobile application locates the users in the field using GPS coordinates.


Security managers do have the option of sending notifications constantly to the users until the abnormal situation is resolved for the user. "Panic Mode" is the key feature of this app, which is an emergency mode that alerts the security managers on a priority basis. It has the ability to record audio from the user's devices when it is switched ON. It then sends the live data to the security managers for a further alert. Only the security managers can deactivate the mode, on the assurance of the user safety.

Trygg also has options for all the possible incidents that could happen which is predefined and is listed for the users to be viewed. Now that the incident is reported and the security managers analyse the location and decide what route is safe for them. It uses Map-Box service which shows the location visually using the GPS coordinates of incident, point of interest, users and to establish routes for the security managers and users.

Trygg's smartphone app is also beautifully programmed to integrate with satellite devices, incase of network loss in smartphones.

  1. 1Consultation
  2. 2Analysis
  3. 3Android App Development
  4. 4iOS App Development
  5. 5Front End Development
  6. 6Backend development
  7. 7Hardware analysis & Integration
  8. 8Third party Integrations
  9. 9Testing
  10. 10Live Support & Maintenance


Trygg acts as the ultimate incident reporting tool for your organization, which relentlessly keeps the users and security managers updated.

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