The Role of Ruby on Rails developers

Having a skilled Ruby on Rails developer on your team is crucial to turn your ideas into successful projects. Hiring a developer is more than just adding a coder; it’s about forging a partnership for success.

Learn about the benefits of hiring a Ruby on Rails developer and how partnering with Mallow, a Ruby on Rails development company, can transform your project.

A Ruby on Rails developer is a vital member of your development team who plays a critical role. Their responsibilities include:


Designing architecture and structuring the database for your project.


Crafting concise, efficient Ruby code with precision and clarity.


Validating application functionality for optimal user experience


Working with designers, front-end developers, and other team members.

Finding the Right Ruby on Rails developer

A Ruby on Rails developer is a vital member of your development team who plays a critical role. Their responsibilities include:

Technical Skills

Look for expertise in Ruby, Rails, and related technologies.

Social Skills

Communication crucial for project success.

Flexible Skills

Developers thrive amidst challenging circumstances.

Showcase skills

Review past work to gauge their capabilities.

To learn in detail about choosing the right development team, go through this step by step guide.

Benefits when you hire Ruby on Rails developers from Mallow

Our Ruby on Rails developers are strategic partners dedicated to translating your vision into innovative solutions. They are problem solvers who provide well-rounded solutions that align perfectly with your objectives. Choose Mallow for a collaborative and results-driven approach that prioritizes your success.

How we select and provide Ruby on Rails developers

Our selection process for Ruby on Rails developers is rigorous, ensuring you get the right talent.Our steps include:

Visit our step by step guide to learn in detail about the overall process involved when you hire our Ruby on Rails developers.

How much would it cost to hire Ruby on Rails developer from Mallow?

Hiring a Ruby on Rails developer from Mallow comes with a flexible cost that depends on factors like project scope, expertise, and engagement model. Here is the monthly cost table for hiring our developers.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the key advantages when I hire Ruby on Rails programmer for my project?

Hiring Ruby on Rails developers offers several advantages, including rapid development, a strong focus on convention over configuration, a large and active community, and excellent support for building web applications. These advantages lead to quicker development cycles and cost-effective solutions.

What types of projects or industries have your Ruby on Rails developers worked with in the past?

Our Ruby on Rails developers have experience across various industries, including Transportation, Supply Chain,Language Services,Manufacturing, Hospitality, E-Commerce, Education,Advertising, Digital Marketing, Online Shopping, Retail,Charity & Non-Profit. They have worked on projects ranging from simple web applications to complex enterprise-level systems.

Do you offer both full-time and part-time when we hire Ruby on Rails developers?

Yes, we provide flexible engagement models. You can hire Ruby on Rails developers on a full-time, part-time, or project-specific basis, depending on your project's requirements and budget.

What is the typical engagement model if I look to hire Ruby on Rails developers from your company?

Our typical engagement models include dedicated teams, time and materials, and fixed-price projects. We collaborate with you to choose the most suitable model based on your project's scope and goals.

What is the pricing structure if I want to hire Ruby on Rails developers, and are there any hidden costs?

Our pricing is transparent, and there are no hidden costs. We offer competitive rates based on the skills and experience of the Ruby on Rails developers you choose to hire. You'll receive a clear breakdown of costs before starting the project.

Can I communicate directly with the Ruby on Rails developers working on my project?

Yes, you can communicate directly with our developers. We encourage open and transparent communication to ensure that your project requirements are met effectively.

What happens if a hired Ruby on Rails developer becomes unavailable or needs to be replaced during the project?

In such cases, we have a pool of skilled Ruby on Rails developers who can seamlessly step in. We ensure that your project continues without disruptions.

Can your Ruby on Rails developers integrate with our existing development team or work as a dedicated team for our project?

Absolutely! Our developers can seamlessly integrate with your existing team or work as a dedicated team solely focused on your project, depending on your requirements.

What is your approach to quality assurance and testing in Ruby on Rails development?

We implement a multi-layered testing approach that includes manual and automated testing. Manual testing ensures features meet client expectations and provide a good user experience. Automated testing streamlines processes and unit testing by developers. We also perform performance, load, and security testing as needed.

How do you ensure the security and confidentiality of my project and data?

We prioritize the security and confidentiality of your project and data. Our approach includes robust data encryption, access controls, and regular security audits. We sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) to legally safeguard your information and adhere to industry best practices for data protection.

What post-development support and maintenance services do you offer for Ruby on Rails applications?

Our post-development support includes continuous monitoring, bug fixes, updates, and enhancements for your Ruby on Rails application. We offer various support packages tailored to your needs, ensuring your application remains robust and up-to-date.

How do you handle cultural and time zone differences when working with international clients?

Handling timezone differences is crucial for us when collaborating with offshore clients. We focus on efficient communication, seamless collaboration, and timely deliveries. By proactively addressing these differences, we leverage overlapping working hours for productive discussions and issue resolution.

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