How much does it cost to develop a Flutter application: Factors, insights, and budgeting

Selecting an application development framework is akin to embarking on an exciting journey into the digital landscape. However, much like an explorer venturing into uncharted territory without a map, the choice of a framework can lead to wasted investments when undertaken without a comprehensive grasp of the impending costs. Mallow has been instrumental in assisting […]

Outsourcing Ruby on Rails development: A guide to when, how, and why

Does your Ruby on Rails business application need highly specialised tasks? Does it require expertise on  additional technologies that your current in-house team lacks? Does the need for specialised skills and expertise within your company’s internal team trouble you? Are you seeking to ensure the smooth progression of projects with readily available expertise?  If you’re […]


Is Mallow the right developer choice to build my Laravel application?

Imagine investing your valuable resources (both time and money) into an application development team that fails to align with your business objectives and application requirements. Such an endeavour would put your investments at risk. It’s widely known that finding the right application development team, perfectly tailored to your needs, is an undeniable challenge.  However, with […]


Why is assessing the usability of my application important?

Discover why assessing the usability of your application is a game-changer. Learn how optimising user experience boosts engagement, satisfaction, and business growth. Dive into the essential strategies and tools to enhance usability and leave a lasting impression on your users. Don’t miss this guide to unleashing the full potential of your application through effective usability assessment.