What are the best approaches for hosting your Laravel project on AWS?

Are you still stuck in the traditional world of web hosting, unaware of the myriad of cloud-based options available to you? If so, you might be grappling with several pain points like limited scalability, higher costs, security concerns, and lack of flexibility that could be easily alleviated with modern cloud hosting solutions. It can be […]

Is your Laravel application secure? Exploring common security pitfalls and their solutions

Imagine you are using an application and you ended up knowing that it wasn’t a secured one. For example, though the application appears to be legitimate but contains a hidden malicious payload that can perform various actions without the user’s knowledge. Would you go back using that application again?  Of course you wouldn’t. Not at […]

Essential prerequisites to host your Laravel application

Imagine dealing with constant application downtime and uncertain uptime. Picture overspending on resources, maintenance, and update-related issues troubling you. Frustrating, isn’t it? To ensure your application runs smoothly, it’s crucial to manage its hosting efficiently. Selecting the right hosting provider, optimising resource allocation, and implementing proactive maintenance tactics can help address these problems and guarantee […]

How to build a new application using Laravel framework: A step-by-step guide

Timeline pressure, security concerns, budget constraints, scalability and performance handling…… Are these things popping up as big obstacles when considering building your new application? Worry no further. If you are planning to build a new Laravel application but wondering where to start and what to do, you’ve also landed on the right place. With years […]

Strategies and steps to scale my Laravel application

Is your Laravel application frequently encountering performance-related challenges? Are you struggling to handle unpredictable user traffic, which leads to periods of downtime? Is your application overprovisioned with resources, causing a rise in your operational expenses?  If your response to the previous questions aligns with a “yes,” it’s a clear signal that the time has come […]


How to validate the code quality of my Laravel application

Assessing your application’s code quality is vital in ensuring the codebase follows the Laravel framework’s best practices and remains easily maintainable over time.  Are you planning to validate the code quality of your Laravel application? You may have no idea where to start. Don’t worry. You’ve arrived at the correct destination to discover efficient methods […]


Is Mallow the right developer choice to build my Laravel application?

Imagine investing your valuable resources (both time and money) into an application development team that fails to align with your business objectives and application requirements. Such an endeavour would put your investments at risk. It’s widely known that finding the right application development team, perfectly tailored to your needs, is an undeniable challenge.  However, with […]