Best practices to follow before architecting your Laravel application

When an application lacks a robust architecture, it opens the door to a multitude of challenges that can significantly impact its performance, scalability, and overall maintainability. Specifically, the use of inefficient algorithms and poorly selected data structures results in sluggish performance and resource-intensive operations, negatively affecting the user experience.  The absence of optimisation further compounds […]

Laravel upgrade guide: When and how to transition to the latest version

Ever found yourself at a crossroads, uncertain about the right path to upgrade your Laravel application, when and how? The journey to upgrade Laravel application to the latest version is fraught with challenges, and a misstep can lead to compatibility issues, unexpected functioning of features and a tangled web of debugging. Without a well-defined procedure, […]

Mastering Laravel Performance Optimization: Expert Strategies for Enhanced Speed & Scalability

Is your app struggling with erratic behaviour during traffic spikes, faltering notably under heavy user loads? Are frequent downtimes impacting its uptime? Research suggests that up to 90% of users abandon apps due to poor performance. If these resonate, it’s crucial to act. These issues aren’t just headaches; they signal a critical need for enhanced […]