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What does it look like to work with a Python development company like Mallow?

Have you recently explored information about Mallow? Have you initiated a conversation with our expert by completing the form? We understand that reaching this stage of the shortlisting process may have involved overcoming challenges. However, your questions and uncertainties may not end here. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive assistance as you consider collaborating with […]

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What is it like to work on a mobile project with Mallow?

Have you recently delved into information about Mallow? Have you taken the step to fill out the form to kickstart a conversation with our expert? We understand that reaching this stage in the shortlisting process may have involved overcoming various challenges. However, your questions and uncertainties are unlikely to fade at this point.  We are […]

Should I use Laravel framework for my enterprise web development?

Well, it’s just another typical day of yours with lots of questions on which would probably be the right framework for your application. You might find yourself asking: When it comes to building enterprise-level applications, the utilisation of Laravel not only sidesteps these pain points but also offers a robust solution to the intricacies people […]

How can I optimise my iOS application to achieve user-centric design?

In iOS app development, user-centric design is crucial for success. Ignoring user needs leads to poor experience, low engagement, compatibility issues, harm to brand reputation, and higher churn.  Our team of developers and designers at Mallow have years of experience navigating the evolving landscape of iOS mobile applications. We pride ourselves on our commitment to […]

Common e-commerce challenges with your Laravel applications and how to solve them

Are you an e-commerce enthusiast who’s taken the entrepreneurial leap into the world of online retail with a Laravel-based application? If so, you’re likely familiar with the exhilaration and the hurdles that come with it. Have you ever wondered how to tackle those scaling issues that seem to be an ever-looming challenge? Have you explored […]

How much does it cost to develop an iOS application? Factors that drive cost up or down.

Building an iOS application without a clear understanding of the potential costs can lead to unforeseen challenges and complications.  There isn’t a simple answer to the cost question, because there are so many factors to consider relating to the functionality of your app and how you’ll develop it. And if you find a definitive answer […]

In-house vs. outsourcing custom software development: Which is right for you?

In an ever-evolving technological landscape, determining the right approach for custom software development is no small task. Your specific needs, budget constraints, and desired timelines all play a pivotal role in choosing to bring someone on to your internal team or outsourcing. With a rich history spanning more than a decade in custom software development, […]

How do I optimise iOS application performance? Performance optimisation strategies to consider

Is your iOS application suffering from sluggish load times, longer rendering durations, and behaves abnormally many times? Are you struggling to ensure device-specific support for low-end configurations while keeping memory usage, battery consumption, and data consumption in check? Do you find it challenging to maintain the stability of your app under various usage scenarios?  If […]

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What challenges are commonly encountered in iOS application testing, and how can they be effectively addressed?

Are you frustrated by the persistent challenges that iOS testing and quality assurance brings?? Do you find yourself grappling with user frustration, security concerns, and compatibility issues that could negatively impact your brand, revenue, and growth opportunities? If the answers to these questions are something you were searching for, then worry not, as you have […]

What is the best authentication method in Laravel? Comparing packages and their use cases.

Do you find it difficult to figure out how to implement authentication in your Laravel application? Are you struggling to provide a seamless authentication flow to your Laravel application? Do you find yourself grappling with user authentication challenges that can expose your system to vulnerabilities and hinder user satisfaction?  In an era where data security […]