Have you ever found yourself in need of a simple and uncomplicated solution for your application’s admin panel? Are you on the lookout for an easy-to-use tool that doesn’t complicate matters, especially when you’re working on small and straightforward projects?

If these questions resonate with your experiences, you should explore Laravel Nova.

At Mallow our seasoned team of developers has a lot of understanding and experience with Laravel Nova. We’ve successfully implemented it across many business landscapes all over the world. With this knowledge of Laravel’s capabilities, we can easily explain the intricacies of each feature and offer you practical insights on how businesses can leverage them for enhanced functionality and efficiency.

After going through this article you will be able to get insightful perspectives on how to unlock the full potential of Laravel Nova for your business applications. The article will walk through the standout features and provide you with practical insights and use cases.

An introduction to Laravel Nova

Developed by the creators of Laravel, Nova provides an intuitive and customisable dashboard that simplifies complex tasks such as data management, user authentication, and resource management.

Consider a scenario where you’re building a CMS application. By using Nova, you can reduce development time of your application, as you don’t have to start working from scratch.. With Laravel Nova, tasks such as managing user roles, permissions, and content resources become more manageable, as everything comes along with and with just a few workouts you will be all done. Its customizable nature allows you to tailor the admin panel to match the branding and functionality requirements of your CMS application seamlessly.

While Laravel Nova excels in providing an intuitive interface for managing various aspects of your application, it’s important to note that it requires coding expertise for effective implementation. You will need the help of your technical team to implement Laravel Nova. 

Through the built-in features and the ability to extend functionalities through custom tools, Laravel Nova empowers developers to create powerful and visually appealing admin panels, significantly enhancing the overall development experience for Laravel applications. Check out this documentation from Laravel Nova to gather more insights on how you can integrate it with your application. 

What are the top 9 features that make Laravel Nova for business applications? 

Intuitive administration dashboard

Laravel Nova introduces an incredibly user-friendly dashboard that offers a visually appealing and intuitive interface for managing your application’s data. The platform provides a set of tools and features that simplify the development and customisation of the administration dashboard.  This ease of use empowers your team to manage and optimise the dashboard effortlessly, ultimately saving time and resources in the process. From user management to data analytics, the dashboard ensures that you have a clear and organised overview of your system.

Imagine you have to monitor sales performance regularly. With Laravel Nova’s dashboard, you can seamlessly track key metrics, such as total sales, top-performing products, and customer engagement, all in one place. This simplifies decision-making and enhances overall business agility.

Resource management

Resource management in Laravel Nova is a feature that simplifies the creation, updation, and deletion of resources within a business application. A resource in Nova represents a data entity, such as users, products, or orders. Nova provides a unified and organised approach to handling these entities. This feature streamlines the process of interacting with the application’s data, allowing you to efficiently manage and manipulate resources through the Nova administration panel.

Consider an online marketplace built with Laravel Nova where one needs to manage a diverse range of products. This allows you to effortlessly create new products by providing a structured form within the dashboard, which includes fields like product name, description, pricing, inventory levels and other custom data that you would need. 

Nova’s interface allows for easy updating of product information, including price adjustments and modifying descriptions. Its resource management feature ensures swift deletion of discontinued or temporarily unavailable products, enhancing overall efficiency in managing entities within the application.

Custom filters

Custom filters in Laravel Nova extend the filtering capabilities beyond the built-in options, allowing you to tailor the filtering experience specific to your needs. This feature is particularly valuable when standard filters don’t cover the nuanced criteria you want to apply. 

With custom filters, your development team can create bespoke filters that cater to unique requirements, providing a highly customisable and flexible approach to data exploration within the Nova administration panel. Whether it’s filtering based on custom attributes or implementing complex logic, Nova’s custom filters empower you to fine-tune your data views and gain deeper insights into your application.

In an online marketplace managed with Laravel Nova, an administrator needs to efficiently manage products from various suppliers and categories. To streamline this process, they create a custom filter named “High-Demand Products with Low Stock from Preferred Suppliers.”

This custom filter narrows down the product view to show items that are in high demand, have low stock levels, and are sourced from preferred suppliers. By applying this filter, the administrator can quickly identify popular products that require restocking from trusted suppliers, facilitating proactive inventory management and maintaining customer satisfaction. This complex custom filter optimizes product management within the marketplace, ensuring efficient operations and sustained growth.


In Laravel Nova, Actions are a powerful feature that allows users to perform bulk (batch) operations on selected resources within the administration panel. Actions streamline repetitive tasks, automate complex operations, and enhance the overall efficiency of managing data. You can define custom actions to execute specific tasks across multiple resources simultaneously, saving time and ensuring consistency in data manipulation.

Consider an e-commerce platform using Laravel Nova where you need to update the status of multiple orders that were recently processed. Instead of manually navigating through each order and updating the status individually, you can create a custom “Update Order Status” action. This action can be configured to appear as a button in the Nova interface. When selected, the action prompts the user to choose a new status from a dropdown menu, such as “Shipped” or “Delivered”. Upon confirmation, the action efficiently updates the status of all selected orders in one go. This not only reduces the risk of errors that may occur during manual updates but also significantly accelerates the process of managing large sets of data.


The Metrics feature in Laravel Nova serves as a powerful tool for gathering, visualising, and analysing essential metrics and key performance indicators within your business application. Metrics enable you to create insightful dashboards that present a dynamic and real-time overview of critical data points. Nova allows you to define custom metrics associated with various resources, providing a tailored and user-friendly approach.

Consider an e-commerce platform utilising Laravel Nova. Using the Metrics feature, one can create a custom metric named Monthly Revenue. This metric is configured to calculate and display the total revenue generated by the platform each month. You can then add this metric to the Nova dashboard as a visually appealing line chart, offering a quick and intuitive representation of the platform’s financial performance over time. With this real-time insight, one can identify trends, assess the impact of marketing campaigns, and make strategic decisions to optimise sales.

User authorisation and permissions

Laravel Nova excels in providing a robust system for user authorisation and permissions, offering fine-grained control over access to sensitive data and functionalities within the administration panel. This feature is particularly crucial for one who aims to secure their application and ensure that each user, from administrators to staff members, interacts with the system according to their designated roles and responsibilities. Nova allows the creation of custom roles, granting or restricting access to specific resources and actions based on the user’s role. This level of control ensures that confidential information remains secure, and the right personnel can perform the necessary tasks without compromising data integrity.

Imagine running an e-commerce platform using Laravel Nova, where one can meticulously assign roles like Admin, Customer Support,and Warehouse Manager. Envision the Admin with comprehensive access to manage products, orders, and customer details, ensuring total control. Now picture the Customer Support role, tailored for viewing and updating customer information, streamlining their focus to customer interactions. 

Meanwhile, the Warehouse Manager role is usually focused on overseeing inventory and order fulfilment. With authorisation and permissions, business owners create an environment where each team member contributes effectively within their defined responsibilities, fostering efficiency and safeguarding data confidentiality. 

Search functionality 

In Laravel Nova, the “Search” feature helps business owners efficiently find information within their administrative dashboard. With resource search, you can easily look for specific details within individual sections, like finding particular tasks or products. For instance, if you need to locate tasks assigned to a team member, you can simply type their name into the search bar within the tasks section.

The global search function allows you to search across all areas of your dashboard, making it effortless to find information scattered throughout your application. For example, if you’re looking for a keyword or phrase across different sections, like tasks, projects, or users, you can enter it into the global search bar to quickly find relevant records. Plus, if you’ve integrated Algolia / ElasticSearch / Meilisearch via Laravel Scout, the search results become even more accurate and efficient, ensuring you get the most relevant information at your fingertips. This simplified search process helps business owners stay organized and find what they need without any hassle.


Laravel Nova’s Lenses, provides a tailored and focused perspective on your application’s data. Lenses enable you to create custom views that aggregate and display specific information according to customised criteria. This feature is particularly valuable when you need to analyse data from a unique angle or extract insights that go beyond standard resource views. With Lenses, you can effortlessly customise your data visualisation, gaining a deeper understanding of key metrics and facilitating more informed decision-making.

Let’s consider an e-commerce platform utilising Laravel Nova. You can create a custom Lens that focuses solely on the performance of promotional campaigns. This Lens could aggregate data related to campaign engagement, conversion rates, and revenue generated, presenting a concise and tailored view of the promotional impact. By utilising Lenses, one can quickly evaluate the effectiveness of different marketing initiatives and fine-tune strategies for maximum impact.

Custom tools

The custom tools feature in Laravel Nova empowers users to extend the functionality of the administration panel by integrating custom tools tailored to their specific business requirements. This feature enables tech leads and administrators to create bespoke tools that seamlessly integrate with Nova’s interface, providing additional functionalities or streamlining specific workflows within the application. 

Custom tools can range from simple utilities for data manipulation to more complex integrations with external services, offering users a high degree of flexibility and customisation to enhance their productivity and efficiency.

Suppose an e-commerce platform utilises Laravel Nova for its administration tasks. The business owner identifies a need for a custom tool to streamline order fulfilment processes. Leveraging the Custom Tools feature, they develop a tool that integrates with the platform’s shipping API. This custom tool allows staff to select orders directly from the Nova interface and generate shipping labels and tracking information with just a few clicks. By automating this previously manual process, the custom tool significantly accelerates order fulfilment, reduces errors, and improves overall efficiency.

When might Laravel Nova not be a good fit for you?

Your application demands extensive customisation

If your project has highly specialised or complex requirements that deviate significantly from the typical use cases supported by Laravel Nova, you may encounter challenges in customization. Nova provides extensive customization options, but accommodating extremely unique requirements may require significant development effort and workaround solutions.

You are not ready for a steep learning curve

For the development teams who are new to Laravel, or Vue.js there may be a learning curve associated with understanding Nova’s architecture, conventions, and best practices. This could potentially slow down development or lead to suboptimal implementations if not properly addressed through training or documentation.

Which Laravel package is best for your business application?

Now that you’re well-acquainted with the crucial features that Laravel Nova brings to the table, understanding its potential benefits for your business application is clear. However, recognising when implementing Laravel Nova might pose challenges is also crucial. Beyond Nova, Laravel extends its versatility with various packages catering to different aspects of your business application. Explore this article on different Laravel packages for your business application for more insights on the diverse range of Laravel packages tailored for business applications.

Feel free to reach out to our team in case you have any queries on how you can make better use of Laravel packages for implementing required features into your application.



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