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The task of finding the ideal application development team tailored precisely to your needs is a well-acknowledged challenge. Yet, with a strategic approach and a series of informed steps, you have the opportunity to turn this challenge into a successful venture. Rather than making arbitrary decisions, you can boost your confidence in selecting the right team for your application by adopting a well-informed and calculated decision-making process.

With more than 12 years of experience in the field of custom software development, we understand the importance of aligning your application with your business objectives. This guiding principle serves as the driving force behind the ongoing engagement of our clients. Our expertise is in constructing resilient mobile applications and we’ve done it across various domains on a global scale. 

Whether you’re contemplating a partnership with Mallow for the development of your mobile application or evaluating if our collaboration aligns with your needs, this article offers valuable insights. And we won’t just tell you all the reasons you should work with us. 

It will provide a comprehensive understanding of what to expect during your journey with us. Conversely, if our collaboration doesn’t align with your requirements, this article also facilitates a transparent comprehension of that aspect.

What capabilities and expertise does Mallow possess?

When contemplating a partnership with Mallow for your mobile application development, it’s understandable to have questions and considerations.

Before delving into the intricacies of collaborating with Mallow, it’s crucial to assess whether the capabilities and expertise needed to construct your mobile application align effectively with those of the Mallow team.

The aspects you need to examine can be categorised into four broad groups. The image below provides an overview of these categories.

General parameters

Here are some common questions you might have when initiating a project with Mallow:

For how many years has Mallow been involved in mobile development?

Mallow Technologies has been engaged in mobile development since its inception in 2010. Originally established as a mobile application development company, Mallow Technologies has accumulated years of experience and expertise in the dynamic field of mobile technology.

What mobile projects has Mallow previously undertaken?

We’ve effectively created numerous bespoke mobile applications, and the projects in our portfolio exemplify our capacity to harness our skills for creating smooth user experiences, robust application structures, and optimised performance.

How much does it cost to work on a mobile project with Mallow?

Understanding that project costs can vary based on unique requirements and features, we prioritise transparency to ensure you have a clear understanding of the investment involved. Our commitment to providing detailed insights into the financial aspects of your mobile project with Mallow extends beyond the standard.

At Mallow, we recognize the importance of tailoring solutions to meet specific needs, and this approach is reflected in our pricing structure. We take pride in offering a detailed breakdown that considers various factors influencing the overall cost, allowing you to make informed decisions.

For further exploration of the complexities of cost considerations for mobile projects and to gain valuable insights, refer to our article “How much does it cost to build custom software in 2024?”. 

How do you manage mobile application development and ensure proper communication between your team and clients?

At Mallow, we place a high priority on open and transparent communication channels. Our initial client meetings involve in-depth discussions to thoroughly grasp the client’s vision, objectives, and requirements. Following this, our team of project managers and developers craft a customised development plan, breaking down the project into clear milestones and deliverables. We maintain regular and transparent communication by providing progress updates to clients through video conferences, email communications, and collaborative project management tools. 

Throughout the development process, we ensure that clients are actively engaged at pivotal junctures, seeking their feedback and seamlessly incorporating any changes. 

For more details on how you can better enhance your communication with your application development team, do check out the article on how to communicate with your application development team.

Technical expertise

How does Mallow ensure scalability and performance optimisation for the mobile applications you build?

Our discussions kick off by discussing the scalability potential and inherent attributes of your mobile application. Your input on expected growth and performance benchmarks is actively sought, ensuring alignment with your budget constraints. This collaborative approach also takes into account optimal operational costs tailored to meet your specific requirements.

While assessing your mobile application’s performance, factors such as UI responsiveness, screen rendering, battery usage, and data consumption on the device are crucial considerations. However, it’s equally imperative to examine these aspects from the backend perspective. Ensuring that the backend architecture robustly supports the performance and scalability of your application is paramount. 

The backend plays a pivotal role in optimising data flow, managing server resources efficiently, and enhancing overall responsiveness. A well-architected backend not only contributes to a seamless user experience but also aligns with the broader objectives of performance optimisation and scalability for your mobile application.

How does Mallow address security concerns, such as data breaches and vulnerabilities, during the mobile application development?

Ensuring the security of our clients’ projects is a top priority at Mallow Technologies. To tackle security concerns throughout the development lifecycle, Mallow takes a comprehensive approach, considering both technical and business aspects. The following points provide insight into the processes involved:


Secure architecture – Our development initiates with a focus on a secure architecture design. This involves implementing industry best practices and adhering to security standards to proactively mitigate risks from the project’s inception.


Code review and testing – Our development team undergoes a rigorous process of code reviews and testing. This includes static and dynamic analysis, vulnerability scanning, and penetration testing to systematically identify and rectify vulnerabilities.


Authentication and authorisation – Robust authentication and authorisation mechanisms are implemented to ensure that only authorised users can access sensitive data and functionalities.


Data encryption – Sensitive data undergoes encryption both at rest and in transit. We employ encryption algorithms and protocols that adhere to industry standards.


Regular updates – Vigilance is maintained by keeping all software components, libraries, and frameworks updated with the latest security patches.


User input validation – Stringent input validation and sanitation measures are enforced to prevent common security vulnerabilities, including SQL injection and cross-site scripting (XSS).


Monitoring and incident response – Continuous monitoring and logging mechanisms are implemented, enabling us to detect anomalies and respond promptly to potential security breaches.


Client collaboration – We prioritise open communication throughout the development process, actively involving our clients in security-related decisions and strategies.

Has Mallow integrated third-party services (like payment gateways, social media integrations, etc) or APIs with mobile applications before?

Certainly, Mallow boasts a proven track record of seamlessly incorporating third-party services or APIs into mobile applications. Our seasoned developers have effectively integrated diverse external services to elevate functionality, streamline processes, and deliver enhanced user experiences.

Be it the integration of payment gateways for e-commerce or the incorporation of social media APIs for sharing, we have executed these integrations with adept precision. This aligns seamlessly with project requirements while ensuring stringent security measures. Our expertise in this domain guarantees that your mobile application can interact seamlessly with various external resources, optimising its overall performance and capabilities.

I own a mobile application already which is an old one (is in a legacy version) and am planning for an upgrade and do some revamping. Will Mallow be able to work on it?

Absolutely! At Mallow Technologies, we specialise in revamping legacy mobile applications to bring them up-to-date with the latest technologies and design standards. We understand the importance of modernising your application to meet current user expectations and technological advancements.

Our experienced team will conduct a thorough analysis of your existing application, identify areas for improvement, and propose a comprehensive revamp strategy. From enhancing the user interface and experience to optimising performance and incorporating new features, we aim to breathe new life into your application.

We will ensure a smooth transition process, minimising downtime and potential disruptions to your users. Our goal is not just to update your application but to enhance its overall functionality, usability, and appeal.

Can Mallow take care of my mobile application’s backend development as well?

Yes, at Mallow Technologies, we’ve got your mobile app’s backend covered. Our skilled developers specialise in creating scalable solutions that fit your app’s unique needs. We also handle the deployment and hosting aspects, providing you with a complete end-to-end solution. Let’s discuss your project specifics and get things rolling smoothly.

Application development process

What process does Mallow follow to develop my mobile application?

Mallow adopts a systematic approach to mobile application development, ensuring a smooth and efficient journey from concept to deployment.  Mallow collaborates with you to understand your app’s objectives, target audience, and unique features. This phase includes brainstorming sessions and meticulous planning to align development goals with your vision. 

For a more in-depth understanding of what it looks like to collaborate on a mobile project with Mallow, be sure to check out our dedicated article on what it looks like to work on building a mobile project with Mallow. It offers additional insights into the collaborative process and what you can expect when entrusting Mallow with your mobile vision.

I have a Monolith application; can Mallow facilitate its migration to a Microservices architecture?

Certainly. Mallow has the proficiency to transition applications from a Monolith architecture to a Microservices architecture. Our seasoned team comprehensively understands the complexities associated with this transformation. We will conduct a meticulous assessment of your existing application, pinpointing potential services for extraction, and establishing well-defined communication interfaces.

The migration process entails meticulous planning, data segmentation, and ensuring smooth interactions among microservices. Leveraging Mallow’s expertise in this domain ensures a successful migration, enabling your application to harness the enhanced scalability, maintainability, and agility that Microservices bring.

Is Mallow receptive to incorporating modifications or additions to the project scope throughout the development process?

Certainly, Mallow warmly embraces flexibility in project development. We recognise that change is a natural aspect of software projects. This is a key reason why we adhere to the Agile methodology for project management. The iterative and incremental nature of Agile allows us to seamlessly incorporate changes or additions to the project scope.

Regular feedback loops, ongoing communication, and adaptive planning ensure that client requirements can be integrated during development without hindering the project’s progress. Mallow’s dedication to Agile empowers us to respond effectively to changing needs, delivering solutions that precisely align with our clients’ evolving goals.

What coding standards and best practices govern mobile application development at Mallow?

At Mallow Technologies, our mobile application development adheres to a set of meticulous coding standards and best practices to ensure the delivery of high-quality and robust solutions. We follow industry-recognised coding conventions, such as those outlined by platforms like Android and iOS, to maintain consistency and readability in our codebase.

Our development team is well-versed in applying design patterns, modularisation, and clean coding principles to enhance the maintainability and scalability of mobile applications. Rigorous code reviews and testing processes are integral to our development lifecycle, ensuring that the code meets quality benchmarks and aligns with the specified requirements.

At Mallow, our mobile application development is guided by a set of robust coding standards and best practices. Here are key points that highlight our approach:

  • Our developers strictly follow the guidelines provided by platform-specific entities, such as Android and iOS, ensuring that the application aligns with platform standards and user expectations.
  • We apply proven design patterns such as MVC (Model-View-Controller) or MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) to promote the separation of concerns and maintain a scalable architecture.
  • We adhere to consistent code formatting conventions to enhance readability and maintainability. This includes indentation, naming conventions, and structure.
  • We emphasise modularisation and the creation of clean, well-structured code. This enhances code reusability, simplifies maintenance, and promotes a clear understanding of the application logic.
  • We’ve used tools like Codepilot to be incredibly useful in increasing the speed of the application development process. It provides auto-suggestions for the application code based on the given logic. It also helps to efficiently write the test cases for the application. It has made the development process more efficient and hassle-free.
  • We incorporate rigorous testing practices, including unit testing and Test-Driven Development (TDD), to validate code functionality and identify potential issues early in the development process.
  • We utilise version control systems such as Git to manage code changes, track revisions, and facilitate collaboration among development team members.
  • Our development process integrates security best practices to protect against common vulnerabilities, such as secure data transmission, secure storage, and adherence to authentication and authorisation standards.
  • Which testing methodologies does Mallow employ to guarantee the functionality and quality of the application?

Mallow adopts a holistic testing approach, incorporating diverse methodologies to safeguard the functionality and quality of applications. This entails thorough unit testing to validate individual components, integration testing to ensure seamless interactions between different modules, and acceptance testing to affirm alignment with client requirements. Explore our article on essential quality testing methods for a more in-depth understanding.

Commitments (timelines, support, and maintenance)

How does Mallow manage unforeseen delays or alterations in the timeline?

At Mallow, we acknowledge that unforeseen delays or alterations in the timeline may occur due to various factors. Our response to these situations is characterised by flexibility and professionalism. The project management methodology we adhere to enables us to efficiently adapt to changes.

In the event of delays, we conduct a thorough assessment to understand the reasons, maintain transparent communication with our clients, and collaborate to adjust the project plan accordingly. This adjustment process may involve resource reallocation, reassessing priorities, or implementing an accelerated schedule based on the nature of the delay. Our experienced team excels at navigating unforeseen challenges while ensuring the client’s goals and project success remain our top priorities.

Does Mallow offer support and maintenance services after the application has been launched?

Our commitment goes beyond the delivery of the application. We offer tailored support to provide seamless assistance post-delivery, based on the terms outlined in the contract. For extensive projects lasting over a year, a dedicated support phase is in place to maintain momentum, while smaller projects spanning approximately 3-6 months benefit from separate, cost-effective post-UAT support.

Our maintenance agreements ensure ongoing stability. We proactively monitor, update, and allocate dedicated hours for issue resolution to minimise downtime. Our skilled team prioritises issues, focusing on critical aspects to ensure uninterrupted functionality.

More than just a software provider, we see ourselves as your partner in success. Apart from delivering cutting-edge solutions, we offer enduring support to empower your business in a dynamic tech landscape. For additional insights into our support and maintenance processes, feel free to reach out to our team.

What it is like to work on a mobile project with Mallow?

As you consider teaming up with Mallow for your mobile app development, you’ve likely gathered enough insights to assess their suitability. Now, let’s shift our focus to the practical side of working on a mobile project with Mallow. As the next part of your journey, you will be curious to know about the procedures that shape your mobile application’s development journey.

Explore this article on what is it like to work on a mobile project with Mallow, for a straightforward look into the collaborative process with Mallow, giving you a glimpse into what you can expect when bringing your mobile vision to life.

Still, not sure about your next step? Feel free to reach out to our team.



Jagan is a successful project manager with over 8 years of experience at Mallow Technologies. With his strong leadership skills and meticulous approach to project management, Jagan has consistently delivered successful outcomes for a diverse range of client engagements. Throughout his career, Jagan has been responsible for overseeing complex projects from inception to completion. His excellent communication skills and collaborative approach enable him to understand client requirements, effectively communicate project progress, and address any concerns that may arise. Outside of his work, Jagan is an avid reader and finds solace in the world of books during his free time. He believes in continuous learning and stays updated with industry trends, management methodologies, and leadership practices through his reading habits.