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Are you currently in the middle of hiring a Laravel developer? Feeling worried about the challenges that might come your way? It’s quite common for business owners to be unsure, even though you’re being careful with your evaluation. Since the decision to hire a developer directly affects your bottom line, it’s critical to think about the expected return on investment and the overall value you get.

At Mallow, we have a proven track of delivering innovative solutions and web applications using Laravel. This experience has given us a deep understanding of Laravel and the challenges in building and managing web projects as an outsourced developer. We’ve worked with countless businesses that have built Laravel applications. Although most of those projects have gone smoothly, we’ve also been around long enough to see how collaborating with a Laravel developer can go wrong. 

It’s our goal in this article that you can learn from our history and avoid these challenges.

By the end of this article, you will understand some of the common challenges that come with hiring a Laravel developer, and some guidance on how to mitigate those potential roadblocks. Armed with a deep understanding of these nuances, you’ll be able to make informed decisions on outsourcing for your business.

When to hire a Laravel developer for your business

Hiring a Laravel developer is a significant decision for any business, and timing is crucial to ensure successful project outcomes. Here are some scenarios when hiring a Laravel developer might be the right choice for your business:

  1. Launching a new web application: If your business is planning to develop a new web application or revamp an existing one using Laravel, hiring a dedicated Laravel developer is essential. Their expertise in the Laravel framework can ensure the efficient development and deployment of a high-quality, scalable web application tailored to your business needs.

  2. Scaling your existing application: As your business grows, your web application may require additional features, optimizations, or enhancements to accommodate increased user traffic and functionality. Hiring a Laravel developer can help you scale your existing application effectively, ensuring its performance, reliability, and security as your user base expands.

  3. Implementing custom solutions: If your business requires custom solutions or integrations within your web application, hiring a Laravel developer with expertise in customization and integration can be invaluable. Whether it’s integrating third-party services, implementing complex business logic, or developing custom extensions, a skilled Laravel developer can deliver tailored solutions to meet your specific requirements.

  4. Keeping up with industry trends: The technology landscape is constantly evolving, and staying up-to-date with the latest trends and advancements is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge. Hiring a Laravel developer who is well-versed in the latest Laravel features, best practices, and industry trends can help future-proof your web application and ensure it remains relevant in the rapidly changing digital environment.
  5. Expanding your development team: If your in-house development team lacks expertise in Laravel or is overwhelmed with existing projects, hiring a Laravel developer as an extension of your team can provide the additional resources and skills needed to accelerate project timelines and deliver high-quality results.

By identifying the right timing to hire a Laravel developer based on your business objectives, project requirements, and resource availability, you can maximize the value and impact of your development efforts while mitigating potential challenges.

Key challenges you may face when hiring a Laravel developer

Working in different timezones & communication barriers

Hiring Laravel developers often involves collaboration across different time zones. While the digital age has facilitated remote work and global partnerships, it has also come with its own set of challenges. One particular challenge is dealing with timezone barriers, which can significantly impact the efficiency and coordination of a development team. 

Hire laravel developer

Some of the challenges related to working in different timezones could be:

Communication delays – One of the primary issues associated with timezone differences is communication delays. When the working hours of team members are misaligned, the window for real-time communication shrinks. This can lead to delays in addressing critical issues, decision-making, and obtaining clarifications on project requirements.

Scheduling challenges – Coordinating meetings, stand-ups, or collaborative sessions becomes a logistical challenge when team members are spread across various time zones. Finding a suitable time that accommodates everyone’s working hours requires careful planning and compromises, potentially slowing down the overall development process.

Impact on project timelines – Timezone differences can disrupt the seamless flow of work, affecting project timelines. Tasks that require input or feedback from team members in different time zones may experience delays, impacting the overall progress of the project.

How to mitigate timezone & communication barriers

    • Encouraging overlapping work hours between team members in different time zones can create a designated time for real-time collaboration. This ensures that crucial discussions and problem-solving activities can take place without significant delays.

    • Establishing clear communication protocols becomes imperative. This includes documenting key decisions, project updates, and action items in a centralized system, allowing team members in different time zones to catch up efficiently.

    • Leveraging asynchronous communication tools, such as project management platforms, messaging apps, and email, can facilitate smoother collaboration. This allows team members to communicate and share updates without the constraints of simultaneous working hours.

Are you still worried about timezone differences when hiring Laravel developers? Check out this article on how to handle timezone differences while working with an offshore application development team.

Quality assurance concerns

Hiring  Laravel developers comes with a key challenge of ensuring quality throughtout the development process. You need a developer focused on code quality, thorough testing, and robust security measures. Without a developer specializing in these areas, your application might face delays, exceed your budget, or result in a less-than-ideal product. Choosing a developer with expertise in these crucial aspects ensures a smoother development process, on-time delivery, cost-effectiveness, and a high-quality final product.

Some of the challenges that you might face:

Evaluating code quality – Assessing the true quality of a developer’s code during the hiring process can be challenging, as it requires a deep understanding of Laravel coding standards and best practices.

Verifying testing and debugging skills – It’s difficult to ascertain a candidate’s proficiency in testing and debugging Laravel applications solely through the interview process, making it a potential hiring challenge.

Ensuring security knowledge – Determining the depth of a developer’s understanding of Laravel’s security features and their ability to implement robust security measures is a crucial yet complex aspect of the hiring process.

Strategies to mitigate quality assurance concerns

    • Incorporate a thorough code review process into your hiring evaluation.

    • Request candidates to share code samples or complete coding assessments to assess their adherence to Laravel coding standards.

    • Implement practical testing scenarios during the interview process. This could include asking candidates to debug a given Laravel application or write unit tests to gauge their testing and debugging skills.

    • Integrate security-focused interview questions to assess a candidate’s understanding of Laravel security features.

    • Inquire about their approach to preventing common web vulnerabilities in Laravel applications.

If you are still unsure about the quality testing methods to consider for your application, check out this article what quality testing methods should I consider for my application? for more insights. Ensuring a robust quality assurance process is crucial to delivering a high-quality, secure, and maintainable web application, that aligns with industry best practices. 

Data security risks

Hire laravel developer

Data security is a paramount concern for businesses, particularly when hiring Laravel developers to work on web applications. Laravel, a popular PHP framework, provides robust security features, but the risk of data breaches persists. 

Some of the challenges that you might face:

Understanding Laravel security features – Ensuring that Laravel developers you’re considering possess a comprehensive understanding of Laravel’s built-in security features is crucial. Without this knowledge, developers may inadvertently introduce vulnerabilities into the codebase.

Handling sensitive data – Laravel applications often deal with sensitive user data, such as personal information or financial details. Developers must demonstrate a commitment to handling and storing this data securely.

Third-party integration risks – Laravel applications often rely on third-party libraries and services. Integrating these components without careful consideration can introduce vulnerabilities.

Strategies to mitigate data security risks


    • Assess the developer’s knowledge of Laravel security practices through a technical interview.

    • Pose questions related to Laravel’s authentication, authorization mechanisms, and techniques for preventing common security threats.

    • Implement a thorough code review process to examine the developer’s previous work, focusing on how they handle data security. Look for adherence to Laravel best practices, secure coding standards, and proper validation of user inputs.

    • Ensure that developers have experience implementing data encryption mechanisms within Laravel applications. This includes encrypting sensitive data both in transit and at rest, safeguarding it from unauthorized access.

    • Regularly audit the codebase for any third-party dependencies and assess their security posture. Ensure that developers follow best practices when integrating external libraries and validate their security credentials.

    • Utilize automated dependency scanning tools that can identify vulnerabilities in third-party packages. Tools like Snyk or Dependency-Check can provide insights into potential security risks associated with external dependencies.

By employing these strategies, businesses can identify Laravel developers who not only possess the technical skills to build robust applications but also demonstrate a strong commitment to data security. Check out the article on best security practices to follow for your Laravel application where you will get to know the various essential security practices to implement in your Laravel application and the significant benefits they bring.

Lack of control over your project

Hire laravel developer

The hiring process for Laravel developers comes with its unique set of challenges, and one notable hurdle is the perceived lack of control. When businesses opt for remote development teams or outsource Laravel projects, concerns regarding oversight and management can arise.

Some of the challenges that you might face:

Visibility into work processes – The physical absence of developers can lead to a lack of visibility into their daily work processes. Businesses may find it challenging to monitor progress, understand the development workflow, and track the completion of tasks.

Strategies to mitigate lack of control


    • Utilize project management tools such as Jira, Trello, or Asana. These platforms allow businesses to create tasks, set milestones, and monitor progress in real time, providing a transparent view of the development process.

    • Schedule regular video conferencing meetings using platforms like Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Additionally, requires developers to provide regular progress reports, ensuring consistent communication and alignment with project goals.

    • Implement code review practices using tools like GitHub or Bitbucket. Additionally, establish clear quality assurance protocols, including automated testing tools like PHPUnit for Laravel projects, to maintain code integrity and minimize the risk of issues.

Feeling like you’re not in control when hiring Laravel developers, especially in remote settings, is a valid concern. Implementing the right strategies, tools, and communication protocols can effectively address these challenges. Building a collaborative and transparent work environment ensures that the hiring organization maintains a sense of control and confidence throughout the Laravel development process.

Mismatched skillsets

Hiring Laravel developers is a critical process that requires a keen eye for technical proficiency and expertise. One of the significant challenges is the potential for mismatched skill sets, where the skills possessed by a developer do not match up seamlessly with the requirements for your project. This mismatch can lead to various complications during the development process and impact the overall success of your project.

Some of the challenges that you might face:

Project-specific skill requirements – Laravel development projects often have unique requirements based on the nature of the application being built. Mismatched skill sets arise when a developer lacks expertise in the specific technologies, libraries, or frameworks essential for the project. This can lead to delays in project delivery, increased error rates, and suboptimal performance due to the developer’s unfamiliarity with the necessary tools.

Version compatibility – Laravel, as a framework, evolves with new versions and features. Mismatched skills can occur when a developer is not proficient in the version of Laravel suitable for the project. Issues may arise in coding practices, as the developer may not be well-versed in the latest features or changes, potentially affecting the application’s performance, security, or scalability.

Integration challenges – Laravel projects often require integration with various third-party services, APIs, or databases. Mismatched skill sets can manifest when a developer lacks experience or knowledge in the specific integrations needed. Integration challenges may result in data inconsistencies, security vulnerabilities, or operational inefficiencies, affecting the overall functionality and user experience.

Strategies to mitigate mismatched skillsets


    • Define specific skill requirements based on the project’s nature, ensuring clarity in terms of technologies, frameworks, and tools necessary for successful development.

    • Evaluate a developer’s past projects and experience to gauge their proficiency in handling similar technologies and frameworks, ensuring alignment with your project’s needs.

    • Conduct thorough technical interviews that focus not only on general Laravel expertise but also on the specific skills required for your project. Practical assessments can help assess the developer’s ability to apply their knowledge.

Thorough evaluations, tailored assessments, and ongoing support can contribute to building a Laravel development team that meets the demands of your projects.

Cost variation for different locations

Hire laravel developer

When seeking to hire Laravel developers, one prominent challenge businesses face is the significant cost variation based on the geographical location of the developers. The global distribution of talent and varying economic conditions contribute to a diverse landscape of cost structures, making it imperative for businesses to navigate this challenge strategically.

Some of the challenges that you might face:

Global economic disparities – Laravel developers’ salaries can vary significantly based on the economic conditions of different countries or regions. Understanding and navigating these economic disparities is crucial for budgeting and cost-effective hiring.

Balancing cost and quality – While cost considerations are essential, it’s equally crucial to balance them with the quality of work. Opting for the lowest-cost option may lead to compromises in skill level, project delivery, and overall development quality.

Impact on project budgets – The cost variation for Laravel developers in different locations directly influences project budgets. Unforeseen cost differences may disrupt financial plans and potentially impact the overall success of the project.

Strategies to mitigate cost variation


    • Conduct comprehensive market research to understand the average salary ranges for Laravel developers in different regions. Benchmarking against industry standards provides insights into reasonable compensation.

    • Rather than solely focusing on cost, assess the skill and experience of developers in various locations. A more experienced developer may command a higher salary but could bring enhanced efficiency and quality to the project.

    • Embrace the potential of remote work, allowing businesses to tap into talent pools in different locations without the need for physical relocation. This can be a cost-effective solution while maintaining access to skilled developers.

    • Negotiate with developers and be open to flexible arrangements, such as part-time or project-based contracts. This flexibility can help align costs with specific project needs.

By addressing the challenge of cost variation for different locations strategically, businesses can optimize their budgets while ensuring they secure talented Laravel developers who contribute to the success of their projects.

Some common mistakes to avoid when hiring Laravel developer


    • Rushing the hiring process by selecting the first available candidate without a thorough assessment.

    • Ignoring soft skills and focusing solely on technical abilities during candidate evaluation.

    • Neglecting to check references, overlooking past work, and client feedback.

    • Prioritizing cost savings over the quality of work, potentially compromising project outcomes.

    • Overlooking the specific Laravel version expertise required for the project.

    • Failing to clearly define and communicate project requirements, leading to misunderstandings.

    • Conducting limited or superficial technical interviews, resulting in the hiring of developers lacking essential skills.

    • Overemphasis on academic qualifications without evaluating practical Laravel development skills.

    • Ignoring a candidate’s ability to adapt to evolving technologies and frameworks.

    • Neglecting to assess a developer’s problem-solving skills and ability to troubleshoot issues.

    • Failure to consider a developer’s understanding of project scalability and performance optimization.

How can you choose the right application development team?

By now, you know the key challenges to hiring a Laravel developer and ways to deal with it. With these strategies, you can now make smart decisions, ensuring success and using outsourcing to help your business grow in the ever-changing world of software development.

The next crucial step involves selecting the right application development team, ensuring they have the necessary expertise, align with project goals, and facilitate seamless communication. This positions your business for growth, leveraging the benefits of outsourcing while minimizing potential challenges.

Check out this article on choosing the right application development team: a step-by-step guide to get more insights. This article serves as a guide, providing insights into crucial considerations before selecting, optimizing budgets, and minimizing unnecessary spending. 

Still, trying to figure out how to proceed further with the Outsourcing software development? Feel free to reach out to our team.


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